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Oxbow Beers

Oxbow is a small farmhouse brewery located in rural Newcastle, Maine. The brewery is nestled in an enchanted forest amongst rolling farmlands and winding tidal rivers, of which the ebb and flow provide a constant reminder that the coast is near. Try the following Oxbow flavors at BKLYN Larder: 

Farmhouse Ale Saison:  A farmhouse ale brewed exclusively with American-grown hops.

Northern Lager: A classic lager brewed with 100% malted barley and select Maine-grown hops.

Loretta: A European-hopped farmhouse ale brewed with spelt. 

Luppolo: An unfiltered dry hopped Italian style pils brewed with European malts and hops.

Surfcasting: A gently salted grisette brewed with American hops, wheat, and limes.


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