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Siesta Co. Tinned Fish and Seafood

Tuna Belly In Yuzu Koshō - A collaboration with YUZUCO to marry the seafood cultures of Spain and Japan. Beloved in Spanish culture and often considered the finest part of the fish, ventresca is a prized cut of tuna belly, known for its rich flavor and delicate texture. Enjoy it elevated with a touch of yuzu koshō, a Japanese seasoning that perfectly complements the tuna belly's rich, buttery flavor. Ingredients: Light tuna belly fillets, organic extra virgin olive oil, yuzu peel, green pepper, sea salt.  4 oz.

Small Sardines in Yuzu Koshō - Tender sardines, immersed in premium organic extra virgin olive oil with a blend of yuzu zest and subtle spiciness. Ingredients: Sardines, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yuzu Peel, Green Pepper, Sea Salt Net 4 3/8 oz. 

Siesta brings you genuine, hearty, high-quality, responsibly-caught, and sustainably-farmed products from fisheries in Galicia, Spain


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