Rogue River Blue

As fall comes to the Rogue Valley, cooler temperatures and wet weather bring renewed growth to the pastures. This is when cow’s milk is at its best – and it’s only during these months that this limited edition, seasonal Rogue River Blue is made – a cheese named World Champion at the 2019/20 World Cheese Awards.

After 9 to 11 months of careful tending in aging caves, each wheel is hand-wrapped in organic, biodynamic Syrah grape leaves that have soaked in pear spirits. On the Autumnal Equinox each year, the release of the year’s new Rogue River Blue Cheese is celebrated.

Rogue River Blue shines spectacularly when on its own or with a simple fruit compote. 

Appearance: Grape leaves encase an antique linen-hued paste with toile-style bluing

Texture:Fudgy and rich, with calcium lactate crystals that develop with age

Taste: Pear brandy, vanilla, toffee, truffle, and fig, with pronounced “blue” flavor

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