A note to our community: 

As of today, BKLYN Larder will no longer carry or sell beer from Threes Brewing. 

I do not agree with the comparisons that Josh Stylman, CEO and co-founder of Threes Brewing made in regards to coronavirus vaccine mandates. The reach of his words poses a threat to victims of racial and religious persecution. Privately held beliefs are one thing, but using your voice as a high profile business owner to undermine public health, as well as propagate ignorance, anti-semitism and racism is not something BKLYN Larder will ever support through our purchasing and promotional power.

I recognize that backlash to his statements may harm his employees. To them, I extend support in any way I can, whether that’s offering a job or connecting you within the industry. You can reach us at info@bklynlarder.com

We have a beautiful selection of beer and cider and encourage you to try them as an alternative: See our Beer List

Mandy Wynn, 

BKLYN Larder Proprietor

BKLYN Larder Beer Selection

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