The Butter With A Cult Following.

The Butter With A Cult Following.

30th Mar 2019

There’s only one butter that’ll make us forget about cheese. A butter so good that we’ll eat dangerous amounts of it, spread very liberally on a fresh baguette. Nothing else needed.

If you haven’t tried Rodolphe le Meunier Butter, you’re truly missing out. The maker, Rodolphe le Meunier, has even been regaled as a “French Butter Rock Star”.

But why exactly is this butter so delicious? And how is it made? 

It all starts with milk from carefully selected, healthy cows in Normandy, France. The milk is inoculated with bacteria and fermented for a few hours. The pasteurized cream is then churned the old-fashioned way in a wooden baratte. Once thick enough to handle, the butter is molded by hand and lightly salted.

This butter is incredibly fatty, creamy, and high in moisture (sometimes, when you open the butter you can see little droplets of water on the wrapper). It’s a butter so incredibly indulgent and satisfying that it’s almost closer to a flavorful cheese than generic butter.

Rodolphe le Meunier Butter now produces his classic butter in select flavors, following the current French trend of artisanal, high quality flavored butters. Come to BKLYN Larder, and try the Classic Salted, Espelette Pepper, and Maple.

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